What Good Is A Beautiful Yard If Nobody Can See It?

What Good Is A Beautiful Yard If Nobody Can See It?

Install new landscape lighting in Statesville, NC

Your yard might look amazing during the day. But when the sun goes down, it can be hard to make out the details. Not only does your curb appeal suffer at night, but your yard is also tougher to navigate and less safe. Don't hesitate to call on JC Universal Landscaping, Inc. to update your property with new landscape lighting. We'll add lights wherever you want them to highlight your landscaping features and make sure you can find your way around your property.

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Your options for landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is important, but you don't want to stick lights just anywhere. You can rest assured that your lighting will blend in when you choose JC Universal Landscaping. We install...

  • Landscape lighting that can be installed near trees, bushes and hedges
  • Garden lighting to help show off your shrubs and flowers
  • Walkway lighting to make sure your paths are always visible
  • Uplighting to draw attention to your house or specific features

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